Payapps and GF Tomlinson Streamlining the Payment Applications Process

One of the largest contractors in the East Midlands, with an annual turnover exceeding £150m, GF Tomlinson receives hundreds of applications for payment from subcontractors each month.

Challenge: inefficient methods of managing payment applications

Recognising the time and cost in wages that it takes to manage this process manually, the business took steps to increase efficiency and mitigate the associated contract risks.

Associate Director (Commercial) Andrew Foster, highlighted the problem of receiving incorrect and late applications: “You put your trust in the subcontractor, but things can fall into a trap when information is incorrect or missing. Some subcontractors have even failed to submit an application in the hope of receiving money for work they haven’t yet completed.”

Solution: submitting and certifying applications within a single platform

Payapps is a cloud collaboration platform managing the entire construction project application for payment, assessment and approval process. Both main contractor and subcontractor easily and efficiently submit their applications for payment and payment notices, saving time, reducing risk and streamlining manual processes.

Payapps provides transparency and visibility to both parties, mitigating contract risk and providing key critical cash flow information.

Automatic emails remind the relevant party when to submit their application or when it’s time to issue a payment notice. The system automatically generates professional PDF applications and payment notices, helping to save further time and preventing data duplication.

Results: streamlined, compliant payment and approval process

By implementing Payapps across all projects, GF Tomlinson have successfully automated and streamlined the application for payment and approval process.

Managing Surveyor, Carl Wiltshire, says: “Since the integration of Payapps into our business the process of assessing payments, and issuing payment notices, has been cut by around 50%.”

Andrew Foster cites the benefit of complying with the UK Construction Act as a major reason for adopting Payapps: “One of the main benefits of using the software is that is provides standardisation across all documentation and helps us comply with the UK Construction Act."

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