June 2, 2020

ECA and Payapps Team Up to Transform Payment Practices For the UK Construction Sector

ECA and Paypps are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership.

ECA is the UK’s leading trade association that represents the interests of businesses and organisations involved in electrotechnical and engineering services design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and monitoring.

With over 2800 members collectively employing 100,000 UK staff and generating annual revenues of over £6 billion, ECA has been a driving force in the electrotechnical and engineering services industry since the association’s formation in 1901. Over the years, ECA has been pivotal in improving industry standards and creating a sustainable business environment.

Two key areas of ECA’s activities include a commitment to improving payment practices and digitalisation, both of which makes ECA’s partnership with Payapps a natural one.


Rob Driscoll, director of legal and business at ECA has long been a proponent of the benefits of the digitalisation of payment practices, setting out his vision for such a solution a number of years ago:

‘An integrated system that calculates payment dates and produces a payment schedule based on the procurement model would take the administrative and non-compliance risk out of the Construction Act. It would be totally transparent, more efficient and allow everyone to work in an environment of greater trust and certainty in line with the government’s 2025 Construction Strategy.’


Payapps’ cloud-based software is designed to help businesses to better manage the payment application, certification and payment processes and is one of the first technology-based businesses firms to partner with ECA and help make the ambition of improving payment processes a reality for the UK construction industry.

Payapps acts as a commercial efficiency tool to standardise the ways in which applications are received and notices issued, helping all members of the supply chain save time, reduce risk, improve visibility and ensure Construction Act compliance.

Payapps UK chief operating officer Amanda Ismail believes that this level of transparency afforded by automated payment processes will have significant benefits in fostering greater trust and collaboration:

“Technological solutions like Payapps can help with the cultural issues in the industry when it comes to payment. It comes from feeling that there is trust in the workplace, and between one organisation and another. Where technology can help is that everything is out in the open and you know that nothing has been hidden from you. And if I’ve done something wrong – say, I haven’t filed a particular certificate – I’m told about it automatically. It takes all of that ‘I never got your email’ bit out of it.”

Payapps is already used by some larger ECA member companies to help them with this vitally important activity. Paul Reeve, director of CSR at ECA commented; "We welcome this new partnership with Payapps, who offer a practical digital solution for payment application assessment, certification, compliance and remittance. We look forward to working with them to help companies in our industry to be able to benefit from digital payment management."