March 18, 2021

Payapps Discuss Mitigating Construction Industry Risk at London Build Online

On 16th March Angus McAlpine, Head of Partnerships at Payapps UK, moderated a Payapps webinar as part of London Build Expo’s online event, entitled ‘Build Back Better – De-risking the Construction Industry’.  

If you missed it, you can watch the webinar recording here:
Webinar - 'Build Back Better – De-risking the Construction Industry'.

The panel comprised Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast Real Estate and Construction Consultancy; Anne Smales, Deputy Commercial Director, Bouygues UK; and Steve Gratte, Supply Chain Director, Gratte Brothers Group. 

The 90-minute session covered views across the supply chain – client, contractor and subcontractor - in relation to the below points and covered topics such Brexit, competitive tendering, Reverse Charge VAT, use of construction payment software such as Payapps, and much more.

- What 'risk' in the current climate means to clients, main contractors and subcontractors, and ways they are managing risk

- Modern contracting methods

- Contractor and supply chain cash flow and the importance of collaboration and fair payment

- How innovation can play a part in de-risking the construction industry 

It was a really interesting session with some great insight as well as some shared values and beliefs as to how all parties across a project team can play their part in de-risking the construction industry.