June 29, 2017 Becomes As International Growth Accelerates, the leading technology company that provides automated payment solutions to the construction industry, has rebranded in the UK as

The move reflects the increasingly international nature of the business, which has made impressive progress in the UK since expanding beyond its home market of Australia, and has now also launched in the US.

Since setting up its UK operations, the company has won a series of exciting contracts from major construction clients. Having seen its software so widely adopted, the brand will now mirror the way in which the UK construction market uses the term ‘application for payment’ ‒ as opposed to the Australian term ‘payment claims.

The change of name represents a bold statement of confidence in the UK market, where is looking forward to working with many more construction industry partners as adoption rates accelerate. The new brand now aligns closely with international markets where has ambitious plans.

Under its new name, will continue to offer software solutions that resolve the costly and time-consuming problems that have traditionally plagued the construction industry’s paper-based processes for payment applications, valuations and certifications. is the only solution developed specifically for the construction industry, where manual processes during applications for payment have led to disputes with contractors, and required expensive and complicated reconciliation work.

By contrast, is a SaaS solution based in the cloud that bridges the gap between multiple organisations and stakeholders by providing an easy-to-use, real-time, collaborative platform that allows businesses to prepare, submit, assess, value and certify applications for payment.

As well as delivering significant cost savings, ensures contract compliance and transparency, boosts modernisation, drives collaboration and supports sustainability as the new industry standard for connected contract administration.

Users of report substantial gains, with time and cost savings of up to 50%.

Jason Gregory, General Manager of added: “These are exciting times for the business. The rebrand of to is a positive step forward for the UK business. The rebrand provides better alignment with UK industry terminology, supports our expansion into the US market and provides a platform to build on the fantastic success already achieved.”