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Contractor software that simplifies payment applications

Streamline the certification process between you and your supply chain, improve Construction Act compliance, drive collaboration, and enhance cashflow visibility.
Improving the construction supply chain

A better way to manage and certify construction applications for payment

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Within this single, centralised solution, your supply chain can submit applications in a consistent format while intuitive workflows allow you to work efficiently with your colleagues throughout the certification process.
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Real-time reports analyse historic assessments and value of applications in progress, variation accounts including recorded liabilities, and subcontractor performance across projects. Central storage allows full auditability while integration with your finance software aligns data across your systems.
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Payapps is cloud-based software that works on mobile, tablet or desktop so you and your supply chain can easily submit, value and approve applications anytime, anywhere, from any device.
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assurance and control

Visibility of anticipated and due payments is key for an accurate understanding of your cashflow position and liabilities.

For both you and your supply chain, Payapps provides true transparency of real-time values and timings in relation to notice submissions, variations, retention and payments.


Instantly view outstanding payment applications across your projects without cumbersome searches and enquiries
Visibility of your projected final account figures versus your subcontractor’s helps with decision-making and negotiation
Transparency for your supply chain means less time responding to payment-related queries
Integration with industry-leading accounting systems provides a single source of truth
Provide visibility of best practice and an assurance of stability to your supply chain and clients

Reduce risk

The construction industry is notoriously fraught with risk so it makes sense to digitise your payment processes to reduce your liabilities.

Payapps provides automated reminders to respond to payment applications and issue payment notices, ensuring Construction Act / Construction Contracts Act compliance and supply chain stability across your projects.

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Avoid adjudication with automation of workflows and reminders to serve payment notices
Eliminate the opportunity for ‘smash and grab’ opportunists to submit an application undetected
Keep track of subcontractor insurances and bonds through real-time status checks and renewal alerts
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Efficiency gains

Work smarter, not harder

Remove friction and reduce the information siloes that typically plague construction with a single platform, accessed by both you and your supply chain members, to manage each step in the payment application process. 

Reduce time spent administrating, recording and archiving applications and associated documentation, cutting processing costs by around 50%.


Receive compliant payment applications in a consistent format each month
Save time chasing amendments, recovering lost paperwork and rejecting error-ridden documents
Remove manual processing of spreadsheets and time spent tracking email trails
Quick approval of payment applications through an auditable multi-stage workflow and automated payment notices
Save time creating payment certificates - data is automatically posted once the payment notice has been approved

Flexible pricing no matter your size

We'll work with you to determine a pricing structure that we can confidently say will give you an almost immediate return on your investment.

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What our customers think


“Since the integration of Payapps into our business the process of assessing payments, and issuing payment notices, has been cut by around 50%... Payapps enables me to manage cash flow and forecast detailed cost reporting instantly.”
Carl Wiltshire
Managing Surveyor, GF Tomlinson

Find out how Payapps helps to automate the applications for payment and certification process for GF Tomlinson.

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Approve applications compliantly and more quickly with automated response date notifications and multi-stage approval workflows.
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Use stand-alone or integrated with your construction ERP or accounting software to provide a single source of truth.
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HMRC & Revenue Commissioners COMPLIANCE
Handles VAT Reverse Charge and helps automate CIS / RCT deductions based on the labour and material split per subcontractor.
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No need for spreadsheets - view detailed line-by-line variations within Payapps, with the ability to note any modification or rejection reasons, providing you with a clear forecasted projected final account for all contractors.
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Construction News and Payapps partnered to host round table debate on the issue of late payment in Construction.
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Mark Farmer (Cast Consultancy), Anne Smales (Bouygues) and Steve Gratte (Gratte Brothers) discuss industry risk across the supply chain with Angus McAlpine (Payapps). View post to watch the recording.
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"We now have one digital version of the truth showing exactly what has happened. That’s a massive advantage for us."
(Theo Riakiotakis,
Financial Controller, BW)
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Find the answers to your questions


How do I find out if any of my supply chain members are already using Payapps?

With over 12,000 supply chain members using our platform, chances are there will be subcontractors you are working with today who are already submitting applications to other contractors using Payapps. Contact us to discover who they are and how you can collaborate with them to streamline the application for payment process.

How can I save time tracking and manually processing spreadsheets?

You’re probably fed up with chasing amends or returning inaccurate or non-conforming payment applications. Submissions and amends are all very simply prepared by your subcontractor or consultant online within Payapps and conform to a standard format set by you. This means all applications for payment are consistently accurate and complete, allowing you to easily capture all project data without the need for additional spreadsheets.

How will Payapps help us to keep on top of notice and payment deadlines?  

Payapps provides you with automated reminders to respond to applications for payment and to issue payment notices, ensuring Construction Act / Construction Contracts Act compliance across your projects. There is no opportunity for a subcontractor to submit an application without the relevant individuals being aware of it or without being able to process it and therefore no risk of missing notice deadlines.  

How can we speed up our certification and payment processes?

Payapps’ fully auditable workflow management provides a multi-stage approval process for quicker approval of applications for payment and instant automated PDF payment notices that are sent straight to your subcontractor or consultant.

How easy is it for new employees to learn to use Payapps?

Uniformity across themanagement and workflow of application processing in Payapps means newemployees can very quickly understand and administer best practice in relationto handling applications for payment.

How can we improve our cashflow forecasting?

Payapps provides true transparency of real-time variationsvalues as well as the values and timings around notice submissions andpayments. The volumeof outstanding applications for payment can be viewed in an instant withoutcumbersome searches and enquiries. This enhancedvisibility across your projects allows improved accuracy in relation to yourcash flow position and your liabilities.  Easily viewing your projected final accountfigures versus your subcontractor’s helps with decision-making and negotiation.

What efficiencies will Payapps bring across finance and commercial departments?

Payapps significantly reduces your time spent administrating, recording and archiving applications, and can reduce processing costs by around 50%. It also saves valuable time creating payment certificates within your construction ERP software as data is automatically posted once the payment notice has been approved, either for further approval by the finance team or straight into the certificate.

How does I use Payapps if I’m out of the office or on site?

Not a problem. Payapps works on tablets and mobiles so you and your subcontractors can easily apply, value and approve applications anytime, anywhere, from any device. This saves time phoning and emailing the site team, streamlining the certification process.

How do I effectively report on supply chain payments?

Payapps provides simple and accurate reporting and analysis against budget and of both completed and due subcontractor payments. Everything is logged and recorded to allow full disclosure and auditability of applications for payment, including modification reasons. Subcontractor performance across multiple projects can also be analysed.

Will Payapps integrate with our construction ERP or accounting software?

Payapps can be integrated with various construction ERP or accounting systems via public APIs, providing a centralised, single source of truth rather than having information misaligned across systems, spreadsheets and emails. Automating transfer of critical financial data between Payapps and your construction finance software drives efficiency by eliminating data entry and errors.

What will my clients think about us using Payapps?

Client expectations are rising in relation to payment performance, as detailed in the Construction Playbook (Dec 2020) and as illustrated by the update to PPN04/19. This update increases the threshold bidders have to meet to demonstrate they have effective payment systems in place for supply chain reliability. Work will no longer be issued if the contractor cannot demonstrate that 85% of invoices have been paid within 60 days in at least one of the last two six months reporting periods.

Contractors, particularly those wishing to work on large public sector contracts, are therefore increasingly being required by the client to report clear, objective payment data. Use Payapps to demonstrate and easily report best practice and to provide assurance in relation to payment performance and the stability of your supply chain. 

How can I keep track of subcontractor compliance documentation?

Payapps requires your subcontractors to upload and update compliance documentation, and can be set at either the project or contract level. Ahead of expiry, renewal reminders are sent to the subcontractor and you are also alerted. Real-time status checks on these take place during the processing of claims. This allows potential expiry issues to be resolved early rather than it becoming a problem to be dealt with at the final stage when it is more likely to delay payment.

What will my supply chain think about submitting their payment applications through Payapps?

Payapps supports supply chain collaboration across £1.4bn worth of contracts each month. Contractors and subcontractors, while having varied permissions, have shared access to submitted applications in Payapps’ centralised platform. Subcontractors can raise changes within Payapps themselves, so all data is real-time and application status is known by all parties as a single version of the truth. This collaborative transparency reduces subcontractor enquiries to your teams, leaving them free to focus on more strategic work.

How quickly will we be able to onboard all parties?

With all departments accessing a single system, our customers regularly tell us that training is straightforward and our support second-to-none. You can be up and running with Payapps in as little as 24 hours, and it can literally take just minutes to process an claim and issue payment notices.  Data within Payapps is easy to understand and with timely alerts, users no longer have to remember key dates. Streamlining work in this way and having a standard process means all parties and new staff very quickly realise the benefits Payapps brings.