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Subcontractor software that makes it easy to submit your payment applications

Maintain control over all your contracts, real-time status tracking of applications for payment, and reduce your time to payment.
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Improve payment application processing time

benefits for all subcontractors

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With a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows, your team can be up and running in minutes, without sacrificing productivity or wasting time. If you need personalised support, our Customer Success team is on-hand to help you every step of the way.
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Submit compliant applications in the same format each month to save time and reduce the back and forth with your client or the risk of rejected applications —significantly reducing your administration time and risk of delayed payment.
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Payapps is cloud-based software, giving you the freedom to submit your applications at any time, whether you’re onsite or in the office. You’re also not restricted by the device you use as Payapps works on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.
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You’re in control

You likely work on multiple projects at a time, so why use different processes or even platforms to manage your applications for payment? Set up and manage your own contracts and applications for ALL of your projects, even with clients who aren’t yet using the platform.

Submitting applications in a consistent format each time makes it even easier for them to be assessed and approved, reducing their administration. You’ll remain compliant with the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 or the Construction Contracts Act, and there’s less chance of any disputes.


Say goodbye to hours spent organising paperwork
Set-up contract information the way you want to see it
All your applications organised and consolidated in one system
No manual calculations and instant retention tracking
Ensure all your applications are consistent and in a format that is easy to approve

No hidden surprises

Quickly see the status for each of your open applications across all projects without needing to make time-consuming enquiries.

Everything is logged and recorded for full disclosure and auditability of your applications. Line-by-line variation reporting, including modification or rejection reason, is available so you’re working from the same set of numbers over the course of a project.

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Complete visibility over applications
Automatic tracking of variations, retention and main contractor discount
Manages insurances and subcontractor orders
Integrates directly with industry-leading accounting systems, avoiding duplicate data entry
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Work smarter not harder

Remove friction and reduce the information siloes that typically plague construction with a single platform that can quickly be connected to your construction accounting software, significantly reducing the need for duplicate data entry.

Efficiently managing each step in the application and certification process removes the risk of human error associated with completing various forms of documentation, and lost paperwork is avoided.


Reduce duplicate data entry and automatically create invoices to send for payment via your preferred accounting software
Reduce your reliance on spreadsheets, email trails and endless phone calls
No hard copy papers that are at risk of being lost
Upload supporting evidence for faster feedback on your application - photographic evidence, marked up drawings etc - ultimately leading to faster processing times

Flexible pricing no matter your size

We'll work with you to determine a pricing structure that we can confidently say will give you an almost immediate return on your investment.

We'll run your numbers through our ROI calculator to find out how much time and money you could be saving.

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What our customers think

modular connexions case STUDY

“I’d recommend using Payapps for submitting applications for payment – as well as the improved transparency of payments and costs, and the time-savings, it’s easy to use and requires very little training."
Vera Kiessling
Technical and Founding Director, Modular Connexions

Find out how Payapps helps to automate the applications for payment and certification process for Modular Connexions.

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instant retention tracking
Notifications of all retentions throughout the project. Automated reminders at practical completion.
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simplified variations
Add and manage variations with ease and get your variations resolved quickly.
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automatic alerts
With automatic alerts you'll never have to remember to submit a payment application, just as your customer is alerted to assess and certify your application for payment.
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supported evidence
Share and upload evidence and explanations of all changes to reduce the risk of delayed certifications.
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National Federation of Builders NFB Construction Awards of Excellence
With the online awards being held on 15th April, this year's  nominations have been of an exceptionally high standard.
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Mark Farmer (Cast Consultancy), Anne Smales (Bouygues) and Steve Gratte (Gratte Brothers) discuss industry risk across the supply chain with Angus McAlpine (Payapps). View post to watch the recording.
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Modular Connexions saves time submitting payment applications through Payapps.
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How does Payapps work?

Payapps is a cloud collaboration tool between general contractors and subcontractors, but it can be used independently to send consistent applications for payment to your contractor every month – on time, every time!

As a collaboration tool, you may be invited to use Payapps if your general contractor is using the system. In this scenario, they are the administrator - they set up the project and invite you by email to join the project. Each month, automated reminder emails are sent to submit claims which are prepared online, in seconds, by simply updating completions. Conforming documentation is then produced instantaneously and delivered by email, and seamless integration with leading construction software packages provides a complete end-to-end solution.

For independent use, you simply create a contract using your customer's details and then send conforming payment applications via email. You then simply update and self-approve your application as per the contractor’s payment schedule. Payapps can even automatically generate and send an invoice that exactly matches the application for payment.

I’ve always used paper or spreadsheets, why make the switch to a digital system?

Submitting payment applications manually via email or hard copy paperwork often means mislaid documentation and errors due to manual processing or a lack of version control. Submission of applications for payment, along with any subsequent changes, are easily made within Payapps, and you can upload supporting documentation (like photos) against line items and variations as evidence of completed work. Automatic emails remind you when to submit an application for payment, and notify your customer when an application for payment is ready to be assessed.

How do I keep track of my open applications for payment?

It’s frustrating when there is a lack of feedback regarding the status of submitted payment applications, and chasing your client for an answer can be time-consuming. Payapps provides complete visibility of application and payment status so you no longer need to lose time calling or emailing for an update.

Do I need a separate system to manage compliance documentation?

Your client will request compliance documentation, such as subcontractor declarations, insurances and bonds, either by project or by contract. You’ll be required to upload these documents before an application for payment can be submitted.

Real-time status checks on compliance documents take place during the processing of applications so you’ll be alerted when documents are soon to expire and red flagged until renewal. This allows expiring documentation to be resolved sooner, rather than later when there is more chance of delayed payment.

What happens if an applications for payment is rejected?

With Payapps, you can quickly and easily submit an application for payment that conforms to the requirements of the general contractor or developer, as well as upload any supporting documentation. These standardised and consistent submissions are less likely to be rejected for incompleteness, improving the liklihood of you being paid sooner.

Can I manage variations?

Fully reportable and auditable, all variations are very simply added and managed within Payapps. While it’s possible to provide evidence for additional work and changes, there’s no need for supplementary spreadsheets; you have full control by entering £ values, percentages, or measurements . Variations can be viewed instantly by your client and quickly resolved. Additionally, you’ll have immediate visibility of your variation account position compared to your client’s, meaning any differences can be resolved prior to project completion or drawing up of final account statements.

Does Payapps work on multiple devices?

As Payapps is a cloud-based platform, it works on any browser-based device so you can easily submit, amend and view applications from anywhere, at anytime.

Can I report on my applications for payment, even those already closed?

Payapps provides simple and accurate reporting and analysis to show completed and due applications, and details payments due and payments made. Everything is logged and recorded to allow full disclosure and auditability of your applications for payment. Line-by-line variation reporting, including modification reasons, is available along with the ability to view the main contractor’s final account values for the project, for comparison with your own.

Not all of my clients use Payapps – what then?

Payapps offers a number of pricing options so that you can scale the volume of submitted applications for payment. These can span one or more contractors or projects. It's also possible to use Payapps to submit an application for payment to a contractor who may not yet be using the platform, by way of a link. Please get in touch for details.

How easy is it for my staff to use?

Payapps is intuitive to use and our onboarding process means you staff will be up and running in no time. An online help-centre is readily available, as are our friendly Customer Support team who pride themselves in resolving support queries typically within 20 minutes, via in-app chat, over the phone or email.